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Choose between free and paid contests
from your favorite soccer leagues”, 24h/7days,
all over the world. 1vs1 or a tournament
with all YOUR friends? Put all the STARS
in YOUR team and follow their performence
on the pitch or in our live feed!


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CR7 or Messi – YOU can pick anyone you like!
YOU decide about your
formation, the players in YOUR team
and your captain! Pick YOUR favorite
lineup, WIN the contest and take home



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Rail YOUR players and YOUR team in our
LIVE FEED! YOU can practice for FREE or join
our paid contests! Just 5 minutes to create
a winning lineup!The better YOUR team,
the more money YOU earn! Will YOUR team
pass the CHALLENGE?

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You can play totally for free!
We dont got any commitments!

Daily & weekly games

We got daily and weekly games!
We try to offer 24/7 action!


We also offer contests for free!
Freerolls up to 100€ with no deposit required.


Our support team is available 24/7. Contact us

about the chat our the contact section.


You can deposit and withdraw with payment options

like VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller etc.


Receive news and updates about our contests,

bonis and more. Also read our BLOG for tips.


Over 30 Leagues available.
24/7 all over the world.


3-4-3? 5-3-2? Choose your winning formation!

Look at our “How it works” for more information.


100mil$ BUDGET

100mil$ Budget for your lineup.

The best lineup will take home the title!


Do YOU need more informations?

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...get an Overview about our huge Soccer spectrum?

FantasyXL – New level of Fantasy Soccer

Everyone asks: Why do you create yet another site for Fantasy Sports?

The answer for that is pretty simple, we have so much new ideas that we got over the time, we want to build a whole new experience for our customers. We are looking forward to present you a concept where everyone can draft almost 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, that´s kind of a revolution in the history of especially Fantasy Soccer.

In the beginning we will start with Fantasy Soccer only, but we will add other sports in the future for sure. We are offering every hour of the day a new contest so that it doesn´t matter in which timezone you are living, you will see action around the clock. That´s a pretty ambitious goal but we are trying everything to get there soon.

We got over 30 leagues (Premier League, LaLiga, SerieA, MLS, J.League and more) to offer, nobody else offer these kind of games, so your fantasy soccer experience will be very intense and enjoyable.

You will get more informations about Fantasy Soccer in general or specific themes in our Frequently Asked Questions, in our Blog or if you need a step-by-step introduction in our point system, how to play and more, then go to the How It works page.

Now that we are entering the market, trying to be the best and develope with you together our ideas, we are always openminded for some helpful feedback for improving constantly If you want to give us some thoughts or you want to praise us, just send a message on our Contact form page or text us in the chat on the bottom right.

The History Of DFS

The first years and the beginning

Let´s get back in time and enjoy the past of Fantasy Sports and where it all began.

If we talk about the History of DFS we obviously need to look at the US states. The beginning of DFS can be set to the year 1962. In the Milford Plaza Hotel in New York City in March of 1962 some people from an organisation so callede Oakland Raider Organisation made the basic rules for what is now known as fantasy sports

1963 was another important year for DFS because of the foundation of the very first fantasy football league. It was the Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League (GOPPPL). George Blanda was the first player to can get drafted, he was a quarter back of the Houston Oilers. He died recently in 2010 in California.

The 80´s

Now there are some quiet years, nothing really "new" happend. But if we switch to the year 1980 the most people would say that was the original foundation of fantasy sports. Some very creative journalists developed a scoring system and gave it the super creative name "La Rotisserie Francaise (a restaurant where they met up several times).

1989 is the first year when the boom really hit the market, over 1mio people particpated in this year (especially in football and baseball). In 1992 it´s now possible to get statistics for NFL, NBA, NHL and the Major League Soccer because of the introduction of the internet.

The past years

In 1999 one of the biggest companies is hitting the fantasy sports world. Yahoo created a big game for their users and for every sports enthusiasts worldwide.

In 2002 the National Football League (NFL) broadcasts the first ever fantasy football commercial, magazines and newspaper started writing about it. One of the big channels ESPN started to deal with fantasy sports.

Almost ten times more people are playing now, approx. 10mio people are enjoying Fantasy Soccer, Basketball or Football. Just 6 years later in 2011one of the top notch companies of the business is founded.

Again the numbers are more than doubled in 2012, almost 20mio players are now on the DFS train. In less than 2 years, in 2014 the numbers doubled AGAIN, pretty sick right? More than 40mio players now on the pitch.

Let´s just say in 2016 almost every sports is "draftable". Fantasy Soccer is coming over from europe to hit the US market, you can draft your favorite Golf or Tennis player or even the olympic games in Rio.

Not exactly a historic date, more like a future outlook but a very ambitious site named will launch in early 2017, maybe you know about that already?

Will the story be continued? Will DFS be kind of crazy in the future? We are ambitious enough to be a part of that great journey which is presented to us and we hope you will be on our side to achieve the goals for bigger, greater and faster growth of Fantasy Soccer.

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