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FantasyXL presents the Biggest Variety of Fantasy Soccer Leagues Worldwide!

We have chosen an exclusive variety of soccer leagues for you. You may know that our goal is the availability for every day of the week to play a contest, Therefore the main criteria was that you can play and draft almost every day/every hour. But not every league is open for lineups, not every league is delivering every stat we need for you (like yellow cards, assists, penalties and more). As you see above these leagues are available for NOW to play on www.FantasyXL.com. In fact these are only the leagues we can to you offer now, but be sure that there will be a lot of more in the future. Now let us take a look into some of these leagues we are talking about and why we think it should be a lot of fun to play.

We can put the leagues into 3 categories: The Classics, The Exotics and The Unknowns.

Of course the view is different from person to person what is Classic, Exotic and Unknown, but the most soccer fans are living in Europe (percentagewise). For example the English Premier League is well known worldwide, MLS or J1 League aren´t so famous.

The Classics

If we are talking about "The Classics" we can put at first the EPL or English Premier League into that category. One of the oldest and the most famous league in the world with the biggest stars in there. Any soccer enthusiast is immediatly thinking about the Premier League when the conversation turns to soccer/football. The EPL is just the incarnation of the modern style of soccer and Fantasy Soccer as well! The maybe best player ever, Pele, said it right few years ago:

"The level of football in England is the top. English football is the leader in the world."

Now lets move on to the next top league in "The Classics". The Spanish La Liga is not only famous since Messi and Ronaldo played there but long before the appereance of these two superstars La Liga was a big one in the world. With clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid and even Atletico Madrid La Liga is the most successful league in the modern era of soccer. They´ve won just everything and after 2008 also the spanish national team is crushing till 2014 at least. Some people like to compare between the EPL and La Liga which one is the best league in the world and yes, there are some controversities about that as you can see on the following quote:

"If he's saying the Premier League is the most powerful because it earns the most then he's correct, it's a mathematic number, but I don't think it's the best, you have to balance economic and sporting results and if we do that then the Spanish league is the best in the world."

That might be the truth and as mostly in life there are more than one perspective you can look at things. In addition to the La Liga and the EPL we are offering in England the Championship (2.Division) and the League One (3.Division) as well as the FA Cup. In Spain we are giving you the chance to pick your players for the Copa Del Rey.

The Exotics

At first we have to decide what makes a league an exotic league? There are two main reasons for being an "exotic" league. When we are talking about Fantasy Soccer it´s obviously an easy decision, if you nowhere can draft the League it´s probably a really rare and exotic league, right? The second reason for the attribute exotic is if there are just not so much viewers or not so famous players playing in the League. So let´s put some names in these category.

The first league we will put in "The Exotics" is the A-League of Australia. Australia isn´t that well known for being a big soccer nation, there are other sports than soccer which might interest the avarage aussie guy or girl. When it comes to soccer it´s a really new thing over there on the biggest island of the world. But in the past few years the A-League is growing and growing. The owners of the clubs are more willing to get some old stars over there as well as coaches who can teach how to improve the Australian Soccer in general.

When it comes to exotic soccer we can surely put the J1 League into that category. Like in Australia there is a somewhat late start of soccer enthusiasm in Japan. The World Cup in 2002 was kind of a kickstarter for the country and Asian Soccer. In the following years a lot of japanese talents came over to europe to play in the Premier League or often also in the german Bundesliga. You can´t play the J1 League anywhere and FantasyXL will be the first site where you can peak into some of the exotic leagues in the world like J1 or A-League.

For the most people the MLS Soccer League is also an exotic league. The league is a pretty young one and you can´t play the MLS from Europe so far. Like in Japan or Australia the MLS had a rough start in soccer with financial and operational problems back in the 90s. After the struggle to the beginning the MLS began to grow very quick with getting some stars like Beckham or the most famous US-Soccerplayer Landon Donovan (LA Galaxy) over there.

The Unknowns

The Unknowns could be the category with few specific informations about every league but also with some interesting facts for you. We decided that our concept of choosing Daily Fantasy Soccer Leagues should be a roundhouse kick. We are definitely not interested in offering just the common, well known leagues like Premier League or La Liga and so on. So we were looking for an opportunity to get more leagues going. Let´s start with our "The Unknowns" category now!

Argentina and Brazil are very big soccer nations when it comes to the national team. Surprisingly there is not so much action going on in the "everyday" soccer life there because nobody can play some good old Fantasy Soccer in Primera Division or Primera B in Argentina or Série A or Série B in Brazil. That has changed now with FantasyXL. Also in some other South American countries like Bolivia with the Liga De Futbol Prof, Ecuador the Serie A, Venezuela with Primera Division or Peru with his Primer Division it was not available to pick some teams from there. Nobody is talking about the Premier League in South Africa and also most people are not really interested in some european leagues like the Super Lig in Turkey or Super League in Greece.