A League Fantasy

A League Fantasy

The A League Fantasy is at the moment known as also the "Hyundai A-League" and 10 teams from Australia and Wellington in New Zeeland are currently fighting every season for the championship

Before the A-League was founded there was the so called NSL or National Soccer League. The NSL was founded in 1977 as the first professional australian Soccer League. Before that there were only amateur leagues in australian soccer.

At the beginnning of the 21st century most of the clubs got financial problems, so they tried to sell out good players to europe. That decision ends the NSL finally.

Because of the weather conditions in Australia and New Zeeland the season begins in august and ends around february like in J1 Football League. After the regular season the best 6 teams are doing the play-offs till a winner is crowned. But there is no relegation or promotion in australian soccer because of the non-existence of a second division.

The so called "A-League-Premiership" or the winner of the league can play the following season in the AFC Champions league with all the asian teams and champions.

Pretty interesting for the european viewers is the fact that there is an upper limit of salary in the A League Fantasy Soccer so 20 players can´t earn more than 2,35 Mio. AU$ or around 1,4mio€. On top of that every team must have minimum of 20 players in the squad and minimum three u23 players. That is a fantastic system to educate more australian young guns to enjoy football even more. Therefore the Youth League is a huge project where even a team from an sport university is participating.

So maybe you are not only interested in playing some of the biggest leagues but also some A League Fantasy action. Daily Fantasy Sports is in Australia on a very nice growth right now so the A League Fantasy game needs some attention in the future!

A League Fantasy global

The most well known clubs from the A-League are Adelaide United (the reigning premiers), Sydney FC or Melbourne Victory in the young history of the league.

Let us demonstrate you the growth of the A League and showing you that there will be an interesting future in the souther hemisphere, there were some rumours that stars like Miroslav Klose from italian top club Lazio Rom could join the league to play a couple of years to end his career there. Finally that deal didn´t get through because he ended his career in late 2016. But the clubs are getting some financial help if they transfer some topstars to their team, so that is a very good sign like it was in Asia in the late 90´s.

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Tips for A League Fantasy

Like in the "Secret tips for A League Fantasy" chapter you always should consider how tough and physical plays the league you want to participate in. Here in the A-League there is definitely a lot of physicality which will come into play with more cards given from the referees.

Just a prove that every league is pretty unique. So what are the A-League fantasy tips you can get out of that? When you pick players for your team keep an eye to the overall statistics of the league as well, pretty important!

a league fantasy fantasyxl daily fantasy soccer
a league fantasy fantasyxl

Special Secret Tips

The weather is also a big changing point for some players or some teams. Not everybody likes the heat and sometimes days full of rain in the different parts of australia and new zeeland. Therefore we have our pretty cool weather feature where you can check the weather always if you wanna know whats going on on the field.

Australian Soccer is lacking currently of too much emphasis on results and this hinders the development of longterm skills, more creativity and cleverness. The best of the world know that characteristics very well instead. In youth football there is the same problem, they play mostly with too much negative pressure so there needs to be a better balance between results and development in the future!

The Australian A-League is a typical example for a playstyle with a lot of phsyical strength. Therefore it is much harder for a physical weaker player to overcome the mostly very tall and heavy opponents. More fouls and yellow cards is the result of that

Our A League Fantasy Tips are not for a total beginner, consider reading the rules or Frequently Asked Questions page first before understanding the complexity of our passion.

We recommend to play our weekly A League Fantasy freerolls at first before risking any money. We promise that you will learn a lot about fantasy soccer in general and thats just a great way to enjoy the games even more!

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Country: Australia

Shorcode: A-League

Founded: 2005

Nr. of teams: 10

Main cup: FFA Cup

Intern. cups:

AFC Champions League

Most championships:

Brisbane Roar (3)

Melbourne Victory (3)


Most goals:

Shane Smeltz (85)

Most appearances::

Danny Vukovic (264)

Most goals (season):

Bruno Fornaroli (23)

Highest win:

Adelaide United 8:1 North Queensland

Most wins (season):

Brisbane Roar (18)

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