EPL Fantasy Football

EPL Fantasy Football

The EPL Fantasy Football League is known as "Premiership" is the top english professional league for men. Also the Premier League is probably the most drafted league in the world.

With over 250 million viewer per matchday it's also the top-watched football league in the world. Most of the stadiums are mostly fully occupied. Nearly every professional football player wants to play once in their lifetime in the Premier League. Stars like Cristiano Ronaldo (now Real Madrid), Agüero (Manchester City), Özil (FC Arsenal London) or Rooney (Manchester United) are playing or played in the first english league. Fans can buy shirts and other fan articles from their favorite english teams all over the world, a very good engine is of course the EPL Fantasy Football League as well.

English teams seems like very huge trade marks. They are respected in the whole football business. That´s why England is called "mother country of soccer".

Also it´s known as the birthplace of modern Fantasy Soccer or the new era of EPL Fantasy Football. They played a lot of variants of Daily Fantasy Sports since the early 90s and developed the EPL Fantasy Football game.

EPL Fantasy Football global

Many teams like Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea London or even the heroes from Leicester City are owned by rich businessmen from Arabia or Asia.

They love to invest in one of the best leagues in the world. Soccer is a business, so every talented, young, ambitious player wants to play in the Premier League.

Therefore it´s possible to make some record transfers like Pogba in 2016 which was traded from Juventus Turin to Manchester United for about €105mil or do you remember 2009 when Ronaldo changed from Manchester United to Real Madrid for approx. €94mil?

Just possible because some of the big boys are playing with their money very often in the english football

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Special Secret Tips

The weather is also a big changing point for some players or some teams. Not everybody likes the lasting famous rain all over the United Kingdom. Therefore we have our pretty cool weather feature where you can check the weather always if you wanna know whats going on on the field.

The english football is known for hard tacklings, fights and referees who are easy to deal with sometimes. Nobody is really overplaying the role of the referee, but you should check sometimes whats the yellow card ratio for example of this specific referee.

Our Fantasy Premier League Tips are not for a total beginner, consider reading the rules or Frequently Asked Questions page first before understanding the complexity of our passion.

We recommend to play our weekly Premier Fantasy Football freerolls at first before risking any money. We promise that you will learn a lot about fantasy soccer in general and thats just a great way to enjoy the games even more!

EPL fantasy fantasyxl
EPL fantasy fantasyxl

Tips for Premier Fantasy League

Some of you might think every league is the like the EPL. That is definitely not the case ! Every league (or fantasy league) has own specific characteristics, such as more goals, more yellow/red cards and so on.

For example lets take a look at the Serie A in Italy. In the season 2015/2016 there were around 1700 yellow cards, in the Premier League instead just 1150 yellow cards. What a difference right? Pretty impressive to see how different the european soccer leagues can be.

Just a prove that every league is pretty unique. So what are the prem fantasy tips you can get out of that? When you pick players for your team keep an eye to the overall statistics of the league as well, pretty important!

We should now look at the Premier League. The most interesting statistic is obviously goals and goals against. So lets take a peak. In the season 2015/2016 52,9% of all games(380) had over 2,5 goals, over 1,5 goals almost 74% !

As comparison in france Ligue 1 had in the exact same amount of games (380 games) just 44,2% of all games over 2,5 goals. Everytime you play a tournament you should consider all factors. But let´s go back to statistics about EPL

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Country: England + Wales (one team)

Shorcode: FPL, PL, EPL

Founded: 02/20/1992

Nr. of teams: 20

Main cup: FA Cup

Intern. cups:

UEFA Championsleague

UEFA Europa league

Most championships : ManU (13)


Most goals: Alan Shearer (260)

Most points (total):

ManU (1952)

Arsenal (1747)

Chelsea (1696)

Avg. points/season:

ManU (81,33)

Arsenal (72,79)

Chelsea (70,76)

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