DFS Glossary

DFS – Short term for Daily Fantasy Sports
Fantasy Soccer - A nish from DFS where you can play just soccer fantasy sports.
Contest – A contest is a tournament where many users compete which one got the best team
Buy-In – The Buy-In means the amount of money you will put on the line to enter a specific contest
Fixtures – The Fixtures are showing you the games in your chosen contest
Points – For every player you have in your fantasy team you get points, check out our Scoring System for more information
Budget – The available budget for your fantasy team is 100mio€
Daily Fantasy Soccer – As you may know in the US Football is called "Soccer", Football or Soccer whatever you want to call it is our main focus on FantasyXL
Clean Sheet – Clean sheet is relevant to goalkeepers, defenders and midfielders, it means that they played without a goal against. They will get bonus points for a Clean Sheet (CS).
PpG – avarage points a player gets per game
Live Feed – In our live feed you can watch in real time how your fantasy team is performing
Deposit – If you want to play real money contests with more prize pool than a freeroll you have to deposit some money. We have several options which you can discover on the "Deposit" button.
Deposit Bonus – Sometimes we will have Deposit Bonus offers for you, keep checking your emails for new promotions.
Field size – The number of users playing in a contest.
Lobby – Our lobby is the place to be. You can choose a contest which suits you with our filter system.
Multi-Entry – In the future we will have Multi-Entry opportunities for our customers so you can play with more entries per person.
Odds – The odds are based on the sports betting market and a relevant for the cost of every player you can choose for your team.
Rake – Rake is the amount of fee which we will take off each Buy-In.
Ticket – Sometimes we offer free tickets for contests, check your emails for new offers.

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