“I do the job better than the coach!”

Are you better than the coach? Can you compete against your opponents?

Try daily fantasy soccer ! We have over 30 soccer leagues to offer!

1vs1 tournaments, double or nothings or free contest for practicing available.

Let us invite you to the biggest daily fantasy soccer

site worldwide and enjoy the game!



Fantasy Soccer How it works

Soccer is a game which is for everybody, it doesn´t matter if you are young or old, male or female, you just love soccer or you don´t. Therefore it´s really not that far away to think "what would it be like to manage some of the greatest players on earth? Can i do it?" So, as humans we like to think about stuff like that. If you ever had thoughts like "i would be a great coach, i almost know if the player is going to perform with full power and strength", than you definitely should play some daily fantasy soccer.

For specific rules you can check out: Our Rules or Frequently Asked Questions

FantasyXL daily fantasy soccer design

Let´s go into the details:

1) Of course first of all you have to register at our site

2) If you are logged in, go to the Lobby Page

3) Join a tournament by clicking "Enter"

4) Now you can see the pitch and you will start picking different players from the matchday or league you chose

5) If you have 12 players picked (11 on the pitch and 1 substitute) you are ready to hit the "Save Your Team" Button which means you will join the contest with that squad.

Some general details:

In each tournament you will get a fixed budget of 100mil.$ that you can use to buy players for your fantasy soccer lineup. The maximum of players you can have is 12, 11 players on the pitch and 1 substitute. The team must have players from 4 different positions:

max. 1 goalkeeper (min. 1)

max. 5 defenders (min. 3)

max. 5 midfielders (min. 2)

max. 3 forwards (min. 1)

1 substitute

Good luck and best of success for you!