FantasyXL Daily Fantasy Soccer Rules

Fantasy Soccer Rules

Here you can find our general rules about Fantasy Soccer. Payouts, points, contests and limitations for our Fantasy Soccer tournaments.

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Deadlines for your entries

You can unregister from any contest that we offer up to 5minutes before the game starts. We know that some lineups are just official 20-30minutes before the match, so we want to give you a little more space. Fantasy soccer wouldn´t be so much fun otherwise!

Point calculation

If you want to know more specific about when points get awarded in fantasy soccer, check out How it works

Payout rules

Check our payout rules-page where you can find all the information how many players per contest gets awarded, what´s about freerolls, 50/50´s and more. There are special rules in 50/50´s where half of the participants earn money, you just have to beat 50% of the field to make money ! If 2 or more players tie the for example the last "in the money" place, they split equally. Let us show you an example: Player A, Player B and Player C are playing a 10€ buy in 50/50´s with 7 other players, so the fieldsize is 10 players -> normaly 5 players are getting paid for 18€ each. Player A, B and C have all 100 points and tie the 5th place, so 18€ / 3 = 6€ for Player A, B and C. So in this case 7 out of 10 players are getting paid not just 5 players! We offer also some special freerolls where the payout can varies from the normal system to a "winner takes all" payout. Most of the payouts are especially created for fantasy soccer contests

Building your lineup

Mostly you have to pick 12 players in each contest to participate. 11 players are playing and the 12th player is your substitute which will only get into play if one of your first 11 players isn´t playing.

To be exact:

max. 1 goalkeeper (min. 1)

max. 5 defenders (min. 3)

max. 5 midfielders (min. 2)

max. 3 forwards (min. 1)

1 substitute

For more information check How it works


You can just pick max. 3 players from one team, so a minimum of 4 matches is necessary on the matchday. If there aren´t 4 matches to pick from, we will give you up to 5 players to pick from one team.If you create an own contest you can pick more specific rules.