Scoring System

fantasyxl scoring system


Our Scoring System is based on the idea that every user should have some chance to win at Daily Fantasy Soccer. Even if you are a beginner it can be easy to understand the rules behind our system. Lets start with the different positions which are the Goalkeeper, the Defender, the Midfielder and the Forward.

The Goalkeeper

The Goalkeeper is one of the key positions for every game. He rarely will be substituted, he can score points for every save he does and yellow/red cards are kind of insignificant. Every game where he keeps his clean sheet he will score +30 points and for every save he will score +5 points. We tried to balance the points he gets for his saves and clean sheet with for example a goal from a forward (also +30p.). It´s worth keeping in mind that saving a penalty is also +30p., so penalty killers will have some advantage!

The Defender

A good defense is sometimes the key factor for a winning team on some matchdays. Like the goalkeeper the defender will get really infrequent substituted especially the central defenders. If you have a very dangerous defender who scores some goals over the season after corners or is shooting the penalties you have a huge advantage most of the time. For every goal a defender scores he gets +40p. and every clean sheet is as much worth as the goalkeepers (+30p.).

The Midfielder

There are a lot of different midfielders in football, we have the wings (left and right midfielders), the defensive midfielders and the offensive midfielders who normally are scoring the most goals. In general the wings doing the most assists over the season which are worth +20p.. The midfielder also benefits from a clean sheet which is worth +10p.. The reason why we decided to allow midfielders to get bonus points for a clean sheet is that in general they get substituted very often.

The Forward

The Forward is getting the most points if the coach decides to let him play through the whole game, if he plays the complete 90min (or longer) he gets +15p., the other positions are getting way less for that achievment. On top of that he gets bonus points for goal scoring (+30p.) and for assists (+20p.). The position of the forward is a really difficult one because it depends massively on the team performance how much points he will earn in a specific game.

fantasyxl scoring system