Claudio Ranieri and Leicester City FC – End of the dream

Claudio Ranieri Leicester City Daily Fantasy Football

The end of the dream with Claudio Ranieri at Leicester City FC

It´s very hard to see what´s happening right now in Leicester with Claudio Ranieri. The mastermind and warm-hearted now ex-coach of Leicester´s premier league champions team got fired from his job yesterday evening. The season of Leicester is very bad of course, but at least they reached the 1/16 final in the Champions League with a streak without defeats over 6 games. Even the success in the Championsleague didn´t stop the CEOs from the club to release Ranieri from his job. Nobody is really surprised to see the truth about the world of football. Money and power are the tools which are the most interesting to the owners. They want to protect the membership in the English Premier League which Ranieri can´t promise anymore.In the words of famous Gary Lineker:
"After all that Claudio Ranieri has done for Leicester City, to sack him now is inexplicable, unforgivable and gut-wrenchingly sad."
That might be the truth and in the conclusion of that decision Leicester will never be the same. First of all Jamie Vardy, Rihad Mahrez and Robert Huth, just some of the outstanding squad of last season are in response for the results right now. Probably nobody is capable of predicting what will be happen now.
Claudio Ranieri Leicester City Daily Fantasy Football
Claudio Ranieri with Leicester City and the end of the dream
Especially relevant for the end of Leicesters fairy tale is maybe the fact that they didn´t score any goals in 2017 till the game against FC Sevilla. It seems like Ranieri didn´t got the things going well with the club bosses in his own favor. They gave up to believe him and his story telling. Furthermore there is no other chance for them to sack Ranieri finally, which is pretty brutal for every football fan in the world.Last but not least the only thing we can tell Ranieri is:
Mille grazie Mr.Claudio Ranieri!
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