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Daily Fantasy Football Market, DFS Europe and Project 2018

Chris Fargis Daily Fantasy Football Entrepeneur

Daily Fantasy Football - A game which turns fans into suckers

The beginning of Daily Fantasy Sports and Daily Fantasy Football in the late 2000er was inspired by the format of the online poker boom which started around 2003 with Chris Moneymakers Win of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas/Nevada. Especially the US gambling market profited a lot from the upcoming online poker boom. Like many examples before it needed some time to get the boom over to Europe, Asia and Australia. A lot of goverments wasn´t so sure what to do with their laws, taxes and much more. Over the years the industry has changed their face and the market cooled down over the past 5-6 years.Back to the Daily Fantasy Football idea of Chris Fargis in 2007. He was thinking a completly new way to enjoy the game of Fantasy Sports which was original established in the early 60´s and 70´s back in Oeakland and NY City. His goal was to take the time frame of season long fantasy sports leagues and shrink it to matchday-games instead of waiting the whole season. The idea behind that was to get more people to enjoy every game of their teams. On top of that the players could potentially make more money out of their hobby.
Chris Fargis Daily Fantasy Football Entrepeneur
Chris Fargis Daily Fantasy Football Entrepeneur
         Let´s look into the current situation back then for the DFS market and especially into the Daily Fantasy Football market in 2007-2008. In the following graphic you can follow the progress and the growth over the past 30-40 years of Fantasy Sports in general. 
Fantasy Sports Market Growth by FantasyXL
Fantasy Sports Market Growth 1980-2016
 Progress and development of Daily Fantasy Football 2008-2016
When we go into details about that progress you clearly can see what happend after Fargis introduced the world to his idea about DFS. Today nearly 60million people are playing Daily Fantasy Football and Daily Fantasy Sports worldwide.Let´s do a little overview about the current market situation and the preview for the next couple of years:
Daily Fantasy Football and Daily Fantasy Sports in 2017
Daily Fantasy Football and Daily Fantasy Sports in 2017
          As you can see in today Fantasy Sports world North and Central America is the big continent for playing those kind of game. Europe has still second place but there is a huge potential for growth over the next decade. The other continents like Asia, Australia and South America are in in very big trouble if legal issues are going against the market.  
Daily Fantasy Football and Daily Fantasy Sports 2020
Daily Fantasy Football and Daily Fantasy Sports 2020
The prediction for Daily Fantasy Football in the next 4 years is surely not that easy. But if you are watching the progress since 2014 you could see some signs of development in other parts of the world. Especially in Europe as you can see in the upper graphic is the growth really an upcoming factor in the world of Fantasy sports. But in Asia is a big development factor and will double their numbers in the next couple of years.

FantasyXL entering Daily Fantasy Football world or Project 2018

We constructed an exciting and fascinating game of fantasy football with about 8-10 leagues to start with. We will add more leagues in the next months like MLS and some exotic leagues with Women football (Spain, England and US Womens League) and Youth Football as well.In the meantime let´s take a look into the story of our developers and what they are thinking about FantasyXL, Daily Fantasy Football and their project 2018.CEO Tim Kohlmann, born in 1989, is an entrepeneur with over 10 years of experience. He´s an experienced startup founder with years of experience in the gaming market. He decided to give Daily Fantasy Sports a shot to create a big audience for fantasy soccer in europe. Also a well-experienced SEO specialist and DFS player himself he found the passion and the love for sports, esepcially in football, ice hockey and soccer.
TimKohlmannFantasyXL DailyFantasyFootball
Tim Kohlmann CEO of FantasyXL
CEO Christoph Maximowitz, born in 1989, is an entrepeneur with over 10 years of experience in the online gaming market. He´s also an experience startup founder and decided to join the team with Tim to create a brand new daily fantasy football site. Especially in europe it´s an undervalued market and a perfect opportunity for going into the market with a solid concept. He is also responsible for SEO and the marketing strategy and social media of FantasyXL.
ChristophMaximowitzFantasyXL DailyFantasyFootball
Christoph Maximowitz CEO of FantasyXL
Mysterious Headprogramer Mister X, born in 1985, is the genius behind FantasyXL and responsible for every technical stuff. Our headprogramer is a well-known entrepeneur with IT software project development additions. He discovered his love for Daily Fantasy Sports late in 2016 and decided to join our little team with some technical help. He also owns a Bachelor Professional of Business since 2016.
MisterXFantasyXL DailyFantasyFootball
Mister X Head of Programing

What is next with FantasyXL and Daily Fantasy Football?

We are really short time from launching finally and stepping into the Daily Fantasy Sports world. We launch very shortly with 10 leagues and will add very quick up to 30 leagues. On top of that will guarantee about 20000euro in monthly prizepools in the first month. As soon as we are getting more players and action we will going up in guaranteed prizepools with over 70000euros.When you are registering on our site you should choose your 3 favorite leagues. If you do that you can be sure that we will listen to our customer wishes and try to get more leagues going as soon as possible. You should check out our different buy in options up to 11euro at first. We have a very helpful twitter implemantion on our player popup info for you. There you can check the team for more informations about the team and special players. In case you want to have more insights on our point system, click on the blue point system button upper your lineup.The Daily Fantasy Football world will change a lot in the next couple of years with our presence. FantasyXL is going to go really hard on Fantasy Soccer to give our customers the best possible opportunity to enjoy the game. Your FantasyXL  Team

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