Daily Fantasy Football and Video Referees

Video Referees and Daily Fantasy Football FantasyXL

Would Daily Fantasy Football be more fun with Video Referees?

You can find so many articels about that discussion even in the Daily Fantasy Football world. Video Referees are not the newest stuff in the football business and there are many pros and cons about Video Refs in general.
Video Referees and Daily Fantasy Football FantasyXL
Video Referees and Daily Fantasy Football
The opinion of many fans is that Fifa´s innovation will bring some damage to one of football´s best characteristics. Errors from the Refs were always part of the game and the excitment as a football enthusiast as well. Not only the fans are critical about the decision of the FIFA but the coaches are as well. The possibility of an underdog to beat a big opponent is now way more restricted so the big clubs should profit from the Video Refs much more than the other way around.Of course there are always at least two views, more restriction means also more justice in Football. That´s a big point and pro for the Video Referee, everybody heard about coaches and players complaining about red cards, irregular goals and so on.

What does it mean for Daily Fantasy Football in the future?

As a provider we are always concerned about justice for our users. Events like irregular goals, assists, yellow and red cards which wouldn´t happen with a video referee are really bad for the longterm view of Fantasy Football. On the other hand we want to increase the popularity of Football in the long run. The most interesting game of the world should be fun and exciting for everybody. More justice could mean that the players with the best talent for Fantasy Sports would win more often, that´s great for sure.If you are interested in deeper thoughts about that you should watch some critical games like Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich last week or other critical scenes. Post your thoughts in the comment box below and share your opinion!Your FantasyXL Team

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