Our Informations to Every Daily Fantasy Soccer Player

Daily Fantasy Soccer Informations FantasyXL

Are informations really so important for our Daily Fantasy Soccer Players?

For sure everything about Daily Fantasy Soccer you can find somewhere on the net. That is pretty much right most of the time. But considering that you have to search deeply if you wanna know about facts for La Liga Futbol Fantasy or the EPL Fantasy Football, that is a lot of time that need to be invested.For that simple reason we think it is better for everybody on FantasyXL that you can find most informations right here on our site.
Daily Fantasy Soccer Informations FantasyXL
FantasyXL delievering informations for Daily Fantasy Soccer Players
Things like weather, stadiums or records in the specific league is relevant to your performance. We will add some more information sites for Daily Fantasy Soccer on FantasyXL in the future.Take a peak into EPL Fantasy Football, La Liga Futbol Fantasy or Premier Fantasy League (фэнтези премьер лига). There are a lot of hints for every Fantasy Soccer player, you can share it with your friends also.

What is going on right now on FantasyXL?

Well as you may know we are still in developing stage. A not-ready product is the worst thing you can present to your audience. One of our team mates is currently in New York City to do some partnership stuff and our freelancers are working on the programming for the pitch very hard right now. Marketingwise we can say that we are on a very solid, successfully way to create some partnerships with people who are just amazing.As you might read in another blog post we currently think that March - April should be a realistic launch date. But bureaucratic stuff is always bad for time managment, so i will not promise anything right now.You should always stay tuned, read our updates and learn the game through our blogposts or strategic sites like how it works. On top of that do not forget to check our Twitter and Facebook page, there are some additional news for everybody !Have a great weekend guys and enjoy!Your Team

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