How To: Play In FA Premier Fantasy Football

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How To: Play In FA Premier Fantasy Football

A guide for first timer in fa premier fantasy football

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 1. Join a contest

You can join contests with buyin of your choice. Play only buyins which dont't crush your bankroll. First timers should start with some freerolls to get some practice in fantasy football. They can also just play for fun, money isnt a "must have" in fantasy football. Players can also choose between a different format. Regular (the top 15-20% of the field win cash), double or nothings with 50% paid places who doubled up the buyin and of course freerolls without any buyin just for the fun and glory 🙂 .

2. Prepare for your team by scouting players

Before choosing your favorit team, scout the players you want, get informations about the scoring system, get informations about the format of the game. Which opponents got the players who you want. Are your players not injured or suspended?!THAT's NOT ALL!

3. Build your fa premier fantasy football team

On you need 12 players! 11 are on the field and 1 sit on the bench. If some of your players on the field don't play he will be substituted and get points.Inform about form, statistics, news, lineups, odds and more about your start XI+I!Lets make an example for a team:
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In this example i think Manchester City and Tottenham don't get a goal against. In fact of that i choose my defense players from both teams.Arsenal and Chelsea can easy shoot some goals, so i take players from them. Also Swansea, Liverpool and Sunderland can win these matches. Lets balance my teams with players from them.fa premier fantasy football fantasyXL odds exampleTake a look at odds from bookmakers to get informations about possible results, possible scorers and clean sheets!

Get more informations!

Get news from your players / teams of the players. Are some player injured or suspended? Are your players in the starting XI? Look at social media, twitter and more from your teams to get more informations. There are also other sites like whoscored with predictions about the matchdays.Which player do you wanna choose exactly? We will now look more specificly about season stats of your players, how to use them and the exact pick.On sites like transfermarkt you'll get these informations:
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Left/right defenders > centre defenders ! Offense midfielders > defense mitfielders! Which player of  the teams shoot corners, penaltys and/or freekicks? Will he normally play the full length? There are many interesting facts which can change your lineup.4-4-2? 3-5-2? 3-4-3? Also the formation can change your complete lineup. Less goals against = more defenders, more goals = more forwards.When you done with all these steps, pick your players and join the contest!
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4. Check your lineup(s)

One of the most important steps in english fantasy football ! Check your lineups! Normally the lineups offered one hour before the match. So you can check if all your players are playing. Only players who played at the matchday can get points fore played minutes, goals etc. .On pages like flashscore the lineups will offered before the matches start. Take a look and change players when they aren't in the starting XI!

5. Get practice

Get some practice. If you play a lot you wil gettin better in the future games!
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