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FantasyXL presenting you very soon the Fantasy Football App! Long time no see in the blog guys, but now we have some exciting updates for the following weeks and months with our upcoming star of the FantasyXL company, the FantasyXL Fantasy Football App! We struggled a bit the last weeks with some bureaucratic problems but that will be fixed soon. So we came up with the idea to add yet another specialty to FantasyXL.In January we started to talk with our partners and friends about the creation of a new app. Our Headprogramer decided that he will give it a shot so we started building it up. Of course that needs some time and most likely it won´t be on the Appstore in 1-2 weeks. The main point is we put just another foot in the door of the Fantasy Football world.
FantasyXL Fantasy Football app
Fantasy Football App coming soon!
What´s up except the Fantasy Football App?We are working with all kinds of people and freelancers at the moment. Some connections leads towards to some very good decisions like doing a little promotion video! Let me show you what we created there and maybe you can get a bit of an overview about FantasyXL and Daily Fantasy Soccer. tried to make it simple and understandable what the company is all about. Fun, entertainment, passion for soccer/football and competition against your friends. These things can lead to every success in the world! We truly believe in our strength, our unique ideas and passion for Daily Fantasy Soccer or Daily Fantasy Football. The Fantasy Football App will be available probably after end of march or start of April, we need some technical help here and there so the app will run very smoothly for our customers.Cheers, Your FantasyXL team      

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