Fantasy Serie A – New Fantasy Soccer league available!

Fantasy Serie A Italy Soccer
Fantasy Serie A - Why you should play Italy´s First Soccer League

After long developments and thoughts about what our next fantasy soccer league should be and as a result we decided to put Fantasy Serie A of Italy up for playing. The question certainly is, why Italy? Why Fantasy Serie A? We could also probably put up another top european league like France Ligue 1. But above all we are thinking about our customers and users. Italy has an extremly popular soccer history and famous clubs like Juventus Turin, Inter Mailand or SSC Neapel. They have a big past with a lot of success throughout the years.

Another great point to put Italys Serie A on FantasyXL is the absence of a winter break like in Germany. Certainly we don´t want you to wait about 4 weeks until the next contest besides EPL GAME OF GOALS or England for Free. As you may know our absolute favorite slogan is over 30 leagues available. Therefore we need to set the pace for adding more leagues over the next months.

What you need to know about Fantasy Serie A

Fantasy Serie A Italy Soccer
Hints for Fantasy Serie A

Probably you know that italian football is in general famous for hard tacklings and great defending. But there are more aspects of the game to consider when you put in your lineup. There are many great forwards nowadays like Higuain, Icardi, Dybala or Immobile. Up to 4 teams could win the league this season and we are curious if Juventus run over the last years will continue.

Maybe you will find yourself in a spot where your budget of 100mio€ won´t be enough because of very expensive forwards especially. Just try to pick the most in-form players and balance that with a good defence. That´s always a good hint for any fantasy league you will play.

Check our Fantacalcio Serie A page for more informations and deeper stats.

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