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FantasyXL Fantasy Soccer League Alexis Sanchez

Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, Arsenals biggest stars and biggest problem?

The seemingly best Daily Fantasy Soccer League ever has a big problem. Arsenal has 2 big stars in the EPL right now but is not capable of keeping them both. We are talking about Mesut Özil and Alexis Sanchez. Both are really expensive when we are looking at their contract requirements. Özil will wait till the future of Arsene Wenger is safe, but Sanchez could move to Paris St.Germain or Atletico Madrid for example.
FantasyXL Fantasy Soccer League Alexis Sanchez
Alexis Sanchez plays right now for FC Arsenal in the Fantasy Soccer League
In such uncertain times we have to look into the numbers and stats for both players. It looks like Alexis Sanchez is more successfully when it gets to goals and shots per game. But in our opinion Mesut Özil is really the so called "heart of Arsenal", he does not appear in every game like the matchwinner, although he is so important for the whole team and for Sanchez goals for sure.

Mesut Ozil the most underrated player in the Fantasy Soccer League and for Arsenal?

You might hear that Özil is kind of a wizard. He do not appear in every match but he leads his team very well over the season. Before he came to Arsenal he had very successfully years in Madrid but he did not deserve that end there. It will be the next step now to see if Arsenal likes him enough to pay the expensive price.When we talk about numbers, its no surprise to see that Özil has done more successfully passes per game than the Chilean (55 to 34). Again Özil comes out on top when its about creating more chances (3,4) per game than Sanchez (2,3).We really do not think that Özil should leave Arsenal now, it would be a really hard beat for the club to take that lost.If you want to know more about the EPL Fantasy Football or about La Liga Futbol Fantasy, just click on our information pages for other Fantasy Soccer Leagues.Your FantasyXL Team

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