What´s next on FantasyXL? – Football Manager Superstar!

FantasyXL Football Manager Superstar

Hey Football Manager, what are you dreaming about?

 We want to help YOU as a football manager to reach your dream, winning games, contests and beating everybody else consistently. That was the original thoughts when we founded Nobody has an advantage if you don´t have fun, am i right?
How we want to help YOU as a football manager? What are we giving away for you guys?
FantasyXL Football Manager SuperstarNot an easy question, but everybody can learn how you beat everybody. Its pretty strange right? And you have one big question now: How can we do that ?So let´s go into some details about our masterplan here 😉 
  • exclusive previews for the EPL/LaLiga/SerieA and more for the next gameweeks in our blog
  • for our newsletter subscribers we offer freerolls when we launch where you can train your knowledge without risking any money yourself!
  • exclusive fantasy football tips on top of that to help you to improve
We will give you for the next gameweeks informations about simply the odds, defensive odds (like cleansheets), who is likely to be scoring, and some more secret fantasy football tips.Let´s do an example to make clear what we are talking about here. Here we have Gameweek 16 where Tottenham Hotspurs and Chelsea had the best odds for a cleansheet.The defensive odds:
Defensive Odds Cleansheet FantasyXL Football Manager
Defensive Odds for our Football Manager
Likewise we have some odds for attacking and goalscoring points as well as some specialties for yellow cards, penalties and more. 
So why you should trust our previews and informations for our next Football Manager Superstars?
That´s a good question but pretty simple to answer. We are on the same page as you! We were Football Manager ourselves many years before we were founding FantasyXL.Our goal is that YOU have more fun, more success and improvment to play the game we love. You can trust our knowledge because we know very well what your needs are.While thinking about that, you should consider giving us some feedback so that we can improve our blog and previews to help your game. Your FantasyXL Team

2 thoughts on “What´s next on FantasyXL? – Football Manager Superstar!

  1. Hi Sean, glad to hear from you!
    We will start to offering play for our Users in spring 2017, probably around February/March, Check our newsletter to know more about that!



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