Football Transfers and the effect to Daily Fantasy Soccer

FantasyXL Mbappé AS Monaco Real Madrid Football Transfers

The Football Transfers and the effect to your next Daily Fantasy Soccer season

The world of football is always changing around the year, therefore we decided to keep you on track about the upcoming football transfers in the summer. Our first man is one of the superstars of the season in europe. Not only in Monaco where he is already a star but also the big clubs like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich or Manchester United are watching this kid. Of course we are talking about the one and only Kylian Mbappé. There are a lot of rumours that Real Madrid could pay up to 110mio€ for this young wonderkid. What do you think? Is this the right move for him so early in his career?
FantasyXL Mbappé AS Monaco Real Madrid Football Transfers
Football Transfers from Mbappe to Real Madrid next season?
It would be fantastic to draft him in your fantasy team next season if you are competing in the La Liga contests, but remember, he won´t be cheap for you! Another rumour which is around for years now is Robert Lewandowski. He´s very happy to play for Bayern Munich but as we all know, money can create sometimes weird things. Real Madrid would love to transfer him to get a great striker in case Karim Benzema isn´t going to do well next season again. We think that Lewandowski will stay in Munich, he´s a superstar there and would be "one of many superstars" in Madrid. The last one we picked for our football transfer selection is Alvaro Morata. He is in phenomenal form even he´s mostly a substitute in Madrid. His ratio for minutes per goal is nearly as good as Lionel Messis, thats amazing isn´t it? Many clubs in Europe would like to transfer him. Earlier this year FC Chelsea and Real Madrid were talking about swapping Courtois against Morata, maybe that will happen soon?We hope to see these 3 great players where ever they will be playing in the future. Stay tuned for our next transfer update and don´t forget to register when we are launching!Your FantasyXL Team

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