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Free Fantasy Football Tips

Interview with our Founders and free fantasy football tips

Free Fantasy Football Tips CEO Interview
 Now let´s do something entertaining for our users besides playing free fantasy football. We do an interview without any interviewer. So we are asking and doing the answers both ! Q co-founder Tim: What´s your inspiration behind A co-founder Chris: You, what else? Just kidding 😉 I like the idea to create something completly different from the business that we know so far. FantasyXL is so different from other providers in the Daily Fantasy Sports world. Nobody is longterm capable to deliver so much fantasy leagues almost 24hours a day. Q co-founder Chris: What is the best advice you can give to any beginner in Daily Fantasy Sports / Daily Fantasy Soccer? A co-founder Tim: You should consider to practice at first. Don´t go crazy and put yourself and your money at risk immediatly. In some of our contests you can play free fantasy football and test your knowdledge against other competitors. Of course in our freerolls you can earn a bit money as well which is always nice , right?Q co-founder Tim: Why do you are focussing so much on fantasy soccer right now? A co-founder Chris: As a european company it´s not a bad idea to focus on europe´s biggest sport. On top of that we enjoy soccer both so much that it would be just stupid to not put it in our first line.Q co-founder Chris: Please explain to our users what they can expect from FantasyXL besides free fantasy football and freerolls. A co-founder Tim: First of all, i am sorry but that was not a question 😉 But yes i will give them some informations what to expect here. The well-being of our customers has the highest priority for us. We experienced a lot of bad support stuff over the years so we wanna do it better. You can expect a steady developing and new features almost every month/year.We hope you liked this kind of blog , and as always some feedback from you guys would be awesome! Just click the picture below 🙂
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