Premier Fantasy Football Fans Happy New Year from FantasyXL Team!

Premier Fantasy Football League Happy New Year

Welcome in 2017 for all of the Premier Fantasy Football enthusiasts and fans!

Premier Fantasy Football League Happy New Year
UK/London and FantasyXL wishes Happy New Year!
We wish you all the best for the next year and hopefully you can discover the start of the strongest site for Premier Fantasy Football in europe! You may know that our ambitious goal is to create a completly new and modern art of  Daily Fantasy Sports. Nobody offers so much leagues, nobody will put so much effort into the satisfaction of their customers/players.That means you should join next year the next big Daily Fantasy Soccer project : www
Superman FantasyXL Premier Fantasy Football Hero
Next Premier Fantasy Football Superstar ?
That said if you love soccer and enjoy playing Fantasy Sports you should be ready to rumble when we are launching. It should be less than 3 month till we get our business started, there are some bureaucratic issues which still need to be solved. But we are working on that 🙂 is still looking for some good reliable partners for acquiring new players and bring more action to the games. If you read this and know somebody who is in the business, tell us in the comments!We are still working on the variety of leagues we can offer to you. A lot of work is going on right now, but we just love building this site. Our team is growing as well so we hired a new programmer who will develope our pitch for a better lobby view. We also try to talk to a lot of different people who are already successfully in the Daily Fantasy Sports industry and can give us some help.But the most important thing is YOUR support guys. We got some feedback already and that is just amazing how we can improve just because of some hints.Thank you so far and lets make FantasyXL great in 2017! Your FantasyXL Team

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