Paul Pogba on top of the Premier League Fantasy Football world!

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Paul Pogba on top of the Premier League Fantasy Football world!

As you may know Paul Pogba moved from Juventus Turin last summer to one of the most famous clubs of alltime, Manchester United and is now available for Premier League Fantasy Football. The transfer was highly spectacular because of the highest transfer fee ever with over 100mio€. Everybody was sceptical if Pogba would keep up his stunning performance in Manchester. And now after the first half of EPL and some great games for ManU we can tell. YES he just smashes the English Premier League world!
Premier League Fantasy Football fantasyxl
Premier League Fantasy Football Star Paul Pogba

Pogba and his stats for Premier League Fantasy Football players

Most stats about his performances reveal that he improved in five absolutly key areas in his game. His style is pretty unique and nobody at the moment can be compared with him right now. So let us take a look into some of these stats which might be relevant for you as a Premier League Fantasy Football fan. In the last season for Juventus he had 35 appereances which means about 3000 minutes played. In Manchester he appeared in 20 games and played about 1800 minutes. But considering that he has over 20% more succesfull passes and created almost 30% more chances so far. Also he improved his interception game from about 1,3 interceptions per game to almost 1,7 per game. The most increased number is aerial duels won, from about 1,8 aerials won per game for Juventus, he now reaches almost 3 aerials won per game. This stat is really impressive for a central midfielder, which can also be used as a defensive or offensive midfielder.Of course Pogba is just 23 years old, his hunger for more titles, improvment of his own game will put him in the spot to be the next superstar not only in the Premier League but also in the whole football world. So far his coach Jose Mourinho enjoys his style and old stars like Zlatan having so much fun playing with Pogba. We are really curious what´s going on in the future with him, so stay tuned on FantasyXL!

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