The New Era of exclusive Fantasy Football Tips

FantasyXL Fantasy Football Tips Friends Story

Hi everyone and welcome to the first exclusive and unique Fantasy Football Tips!

Who else wants to gain more knowledge about Fantasy Football and getting Fantasy Football Tips from experts? Right, everybody wants that! Therefore we decided to create some pages for you where you can find just everything about the specific Fantasy Leagues you wanna play in. Our goal is to grow with YOU together, to build something completly different in the Fantasy Football world. So we need to educate our beginners with some Fantasy Soccer Tips at first. Not everybody knows already how you can pick players or how it works in detail.
A little story about fantasy football tips and understanding
If i talk about that i almost everytime thought about a meeting with some friends, where someone asked me: Hey Chris, what do you do right now? So i told him about FantasyXL and what that project is about. After my telling he stared at me and just said:
FantasyXL Fantasy Football Tips Friends Story
What?! i did not understand anything!
That´s one of the moments when you see that Daily Fantasy Sports is not that big of a deal right now in europe 😉
Why we are giving you the opportunity with our Fantasy Football Tips to gain information?
The main reason is just to show everyone that EVERYBODY can win in fantasy sports! You can learn about strategies, line ups, winning systems on a lot of sites. But the informations you are collecting are not everytime practically for every Fantasy Soccer League you play. So you should always consider what that specific league is about.Here is the list of the sites we have so far, we are adding some more sites in the next few days! More to come such as  MLS US-Soccer, Tipico Bundesliga for Austria and Allsvenskan for Sweden´s first division.Stay tuned!Your FantasyXL Team

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