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It´s been quiet a while since we had a bigger update on FantasyXL. Last week we finally implemented a brandnew format for our contests, the "50/50´s" or "Double or Nothing". For that reason we decided to give you a little help with a short Q&A for our users.


How it works?

The payout structure of these contests is very simple to understand. You can double your buyin if you reach the top 50% of the field in that contest. For example if you are playing a 20 man 50/50, the top 10 players will get twice their buyin. That´s pretty easy, right? In the future there will be some specific help and strategic advice for these kind of format.

Where can i find it?

Go to our lobby page and filter on the format tab to "50/50". Other than that you can see all the contests on the main page of the lobby.

We hope you will enjoy this format as much as we do. As we are still in beta stage any feedback and messages about your experience with 50/50´s is appreciated and welcome!

Easy contest registration for your lineups enabled!

One of the other updates which just comes into play two days ago is a super easy way to register yourself in all the contests of the specific league you choosed. In the following pictures you can see more details and help how to use it the best way possible.

This feature isn´t brandnew in the fantasy sports world, but it shows you how easy you can join multiple contests with just 2-3 clicks. You don´t need to save&load your lineups every time you decide to play one more contest. In the next couple of months updates like 1 vs 1 contests, multientry opportunities and other surprises are planned. Be ready for some big news in the next months!

Your FantasyXL Team

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