5 Quick Tips for Gameweek 18 and Your Fantasy Soccer Lineup

5 Quick Tips for your gameweek 18 lineup fantasyxl

What should your possible lineup for gameweek 18 of the EPL look like?

First of all we have to look at the gameweek 18 in general. What are the specifics? Is it gonna be a goal heavy gameday or a lot of clean sheets? It´s always very difficult to give an exact forecast. Many factors are not visible for the avarage soccer fan. Even for the absolut maniacs for game statistics it´s obviously a hard work to find out all the informations.Therefore let us go into some of the details. Certainly we wanna give you around 5 quick tips for your personal success in gameweek 18 of the English Premier League.
5 Quick Tips for your gameweek 18 lineup fantasyxl
5 Quick Tips for your gameweek 18 lineup
Don´t take a lot of players from the match between Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspurs!The match won´t be very goal heavy because both have strong defenders and won´t go at each other from the beginning.You should probably just take 1 player at maximum from one of these teams. Furthermore ManCity will be favorites therefore the players will cost you a lot of your budget. Build your defense with small teams!You should focus on matches like Everton vs Swansea or Leicester City vs Crystal Palace. These could be key factor of the gameday and for your fantasy soccer win. Don´t underestimate Marko Arnautovic and West Ham United!Marko Arnautovic is maybe one of the most expensive fails since years in the EPL. But don´t underestimate him because of his stats so far. Certainly West Ham United did play a very bad season so far, but the team has a lot of potential with players like Chicharito or Marko Arnautovic. Build your team with 4 or 5 defenders and just 1 or 2 forwards!It´s gonna be a gameweek where some small teams will get out there to fight the big dogs of the league. With 4 or 5 defenders it´s gonna be way more easy to pick your favorites and some underdog. Furthermore you save some budget for expensive offensive players. You should maybe look out for some heros who can give YOU the win. Maybe you can find them in Everton or in Newcastle? You could also go with some Stoke City midfielders or forwards. West Ham´s defense isn´t that great in the moment even after the glorious win against Chelsea last week. Liverpool will destroy!Don´t make the mistake to think after the unlucky draw versus Everton Jürgen Klopps Liverpool is going to be weaker now. In the past years Liverpool often had wild games against Bournemouth. But in these years Bournemouth was certainly much stronger than now. Put as much Liverpool players in your Fantasy Soccer lineup for gameweek 18 as possible!Join us in the gameweek 18 contests of the EPL and take home the glory!Your FantasyXL Team

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