Fantasy Soccer Rules by fantasy soccer platform

Fantasy Soccer Rules

General Rules for Fantasy Soccer

Here you can find our general rules about Fantasy Soccer. Payouts, points, contests and limitations for our Fantasy Soccer contests

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Deadlines for your entries
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You have to join the contest till the first game begins, after that you are not able to change your formation anymore, please check the starting time of each contest!

Our Contest Rules

Pick 11 players in each contest with a maximum virtual budget of 100mio€

Possible Formations are:

4-4-2, 4-3-3, 3-5-2, 4-5-1, 5-4-1, 3-4-3, 5-3-2, 5-2-3

Salaries of the players won´t change when a new contest is created but will change from time to time because of the performance of the players

You can watch in our live feed your fantasy team and their points while they are playing in real time

Contest results will be based on the total points reached, the player with the most points is the winner of the contest

Our Payout Rules

Our Payout structure varies from contest to contest. It´s mainly based on the contest field size. Normally between 15-20% of the contest field are getting paid

If there are two or more players with the same amount of points the money will be splitted between these players

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Our Team Building Rules

Unless there is a very specific change in the rules you have to select 11 players to your fantasy team

The team must include: 1 Goalkeeper (GK), 3 to 5 defenders, 3 to 5 midfielders, 1 to 3 forwards

You can just buy players for the maximum virtual budget of 100mio$

With our Save&Load function you can save your team at any point you want

You can just change your team for the contest until the first game starts

You can just select maximum of 3 players per team if the rules of the contest do not have other specifics
Game interruptions/cancelling

If a game is interrupted or cancelled and will be rescheduled within the next 72 hours the contest will keep running

If a game won´t be repeated within the timeframe we will not be able to counting that into your points unfortunatly

In case a game will be cancelled after for example 30 minutes, we will count the points until then

Our Scoring System Rules

You can discover our scoring system here: Scoring System

Notice: Only players that played more than 30 minutes will receive the CS bonus.

Special Hints for Fantasy La Liga, A League Fantasy and EPL Fantasy Football

We have some special rules for Fantasy La Liga and some other Fantasy Soccer leagues as well

For example in Fantasy La Liga we will have in the future points if your team got a completly clean sheet on a given matchday

The idea behind that is that more users can have chances even if your team didn´t score many goals

In a fantasy soccer league like Fantasy La Liga, A League Fantasy or EPL Fantasy Football it´s mostly difficult to keep a clean sheet for most players