Our little UEFA Fantasy Championsleague Recap

UEFA Fantasy and the Barcelona defeat

Day1 of UEFA Fantasy Championsleague Round of 16 is over

Everyone who was looking for some updates about UEFA Fantasy Championsleague and the games with PSG vs FC Barcelona and Sporting Lissabon vs Borussia Dortmund must have looked like this:
UEFA Fantasy and the Barcelona defeat
UEFA Fantasy and the FC Barcelona defeat!
No one expected that kind of performance from PSG! No expert or even fantasy football analysts would advice that you should pick 2-3 players like Di Maria or Edison Cavani for team. And just another day where we can see whats the really beauty of this game is. The unexpecting, surprising nd emotional side of Football. If you decided to play some fantasy football yesterday because your passion for fantasy sports you could be a little  bit disappointed.But let´s be honest guys, nobody wants to win the favorits everytime! Finally we are really happy that some excitment is coming into the Championsleague this year. Also spanish teams seems to drop from their throne a bit. As a result there are teams like PSG which could be the secret tip of the bookmakers this season. PSG just dominated Barcelona through the whole game with a clear 4:0 victory. The two birthday boys Angel Di Maria and Cavani did a phenomenal job with 3 goals. On top of that the upcoming PSG star Julian Draxler did very well too with the 2:0.While PSG got Barcelona down to earth there was another game yesterday evening. Sporting Lissabon taking down Borussia Dortmund with a 1:0 victory. They had little chances not like PSG and Dortmund throwaway the big opportunity with a penalty right before the end.
Upcoming matches
Also there are two games this evening with Bayern Munich - FC Arsenal and Real Madrid´s homegame against SSC Napoli. Bayern should have a tough game with probably 1:0 or 2:1 result for them. With some weak performances the last two or three weeks Real Madrid is struggeling but should take home the victory against SSC Napoli with 2:0 or 3:1.In conclusion we are really excited to see what will happen there today evening. Have fun if you are playing or watching! Cheers,your FantasyXL Team      

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