Young Hotguns in the EPL Fantasy Premier League Tips

FantasyXL Marcus Rashford ManU Soccer DFS Fantasyfootball
Why young players are so popular in soccer?
We offer you some secret Fantasy Premier League Tips which will give you success in your FPL games not just in the actual season but rather for the next couple of years.Everybody is fascinated because of young, talented, ambitious players who seems to crush the game. Let´s see how we can explain that phenomen. Young talented players have very high market values mostly. The reason for that is pretty simple, they just have huge potential to develop their game. The big clubs like Barcelona, Manchester United or Real Madrid are hunting them since they are 12 years old. Every young talent has also a great potential for marketing reasons. They attract a lot of young boys or girls to play soccer also. The financial aspect is always important for the clubs, more youngguns in the team means more publicity.What do you think about young players? Or do you still love the older players with more experience and routine? Tell us in the comments or contact form
Our Top 5 of young hotguns in the EPL - Some more Fantasy Premier League Tips
Nr. 5 Nathaniel Chalobah (FC Chelsea) was close to the first team since few seasons ago. Now under the new coach Antonio Conte he seems like breaking through that wall. He´s a flexible player who can also play in defence and his pre-season performance was outstanding. His working attitude should be perfect to get that first team soon. Nr.4 Mason Holgate (Everton) 
Mason Holgate Everton FantasyXL Fantasy Premier League Tips
Mason Holgate Everton
Mason Holgate came from Barnsley for 2m in 2015 and he plays mostly at a centerback or right back. In 2016 he had a really strong pre-season with a great game against ManUnited.Nr.3 Lewis Cook (Bournemouth FC now) 19-year-old midfielder from Bournemouth FC is coming from Leeds youth academy. He transfered from Leeds to Bournemouth in the last summer for about 6m. He´s also an england U19 player and has all abilities to reach the first team in the next couple of years. Nr.2 Sheyi Ojo (FC Liverpool) 
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Sheyi Ojo FC Liverpool
The well-known Jurgen Klopp is in love with this kid. He just told that he is a wonderful player and that he is not interested to let Ojo leave to another club. Ojo is a left or right winger and a threat for every defence even he is so young. Nr.1 Marcus Rashford
FantasyXL Marcus Rashford ManU Soccer DFS Fantasyfootball
Marcus Rashford Manchester United
What a year for the young Manchester United star! Clearly on of our top fantasy premier league tips for you guys. He has played the Euro2016 with England and the fans just celebrate him like he is forever around the business. He can now learn from the best with Wayne Rooney and Zlatan Ibrahimovic at his team, so really excited to see what´s going on next with him.What are your favorites ? Your Team

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