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Football Transfers and the effect to Daily Fantasy Soccer

May 08
The Football Transfers and the effect to your next Daily Fantasy Soccer season The world of football is always changing around the year, therefore we decided to keep you on track about the upcoming football transfers in the summer. Our first man is one of the superstars of the season in europe. Not only in Monaco where he is already a star but also the big clubs like Real Madrid,

Daily Fantasy Football and Video Referees

May 08
Would Daily Fantasy Football be more fun with Video Referees? You can find so many articels about that discussion even in the Daily Fantasy Football world. Video Referees are not the newest stuff in the football business and there are many pros and cons about Video Refs in general. The opinion of many fans is that Fifa´s innovation will bring some damage to one of football´s best characteristics. Errors from

March Update – Daily Fantasy Sports Europe we are coming!

Mar 14
Just few days to go for our brandnew, worldwide operating Daily Fantasy Sports Europe provider ! Hello, Добрый день, konnichi wa, god dag or buenos días to Daily Fantasy Sports Europe ! These are just some greetings from countries which we are covering, over 30 leagues, over 12 different Countries around the globe. Our goal since we started this project was always to offer to our customers the most exciting

Claudio Ranieri and Leicester City FC – End of the dream

Feb 27
The end of the dream with Claudio Ranieri at Leicester City FC It´s very hard to see what´s happening right now in Leicester with Claudio Ranieri. The mastermind and warm-hearted now ex-coach of Leicester´s premier league champions team got fired from his job yesterday evening. The season of Leicester is very bad of course, but at least they reached the 1/16 final in the Champions League with a streak without