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It´s been quiet a while since we had a bigger update on FantasyXL. Last week we finally implemented a brandnew format for our contests, the “50/50´s” or “Double or Nothing”. For that reason we decided to give you a little help with a short Q&A for our users. How it works? The payout structure of these contests is very simple to understand. You can double your buyin if you reach the top 50% of the
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Where is the Bundesliga Live Stream on FantasyXL? Certainly our Bundesliga Live Stream isn´t the typical live stream which is familiar for you. If you are an user on our site you can participate in different Fantasy Soccer Contests. For example you can join “THE BIG BANG” or “Germany for Free” also. Furthermore you can see the progress of your players in the live feed, that is virtually our live stream. Our special live stream
Happy New Year for all the fans around the globe! We hope you had a very successful happy 2017 and all the best for the upcoming year. Let´s grow together and build a great community with worldwide leagues available to play. Don´t forget to remind your friends to join FantasyXL as well and earn yourself some extra money with that! Check our Refer-A-Friend site for more informations. Your FantasyXL Team
Merry christmas
Merry Christmas to every soccer enthusiast worldwide! We are very happy with the result of 2017 and we wish you all merry christmas and happy times with your family and friends. Believe in your fantasy soccer abilities and in our vision to make Fantasy Soccer great with more than 30 leagues. Tell your friends about FantasyXL and stay tuned for more updates, exciting features and a fantastic year 2018! Your FantasyXL Team
Fantasy Serie A Italy Soccer
Fantasy Serie A – Why you should play Italy´s First Soccer League After long developments and thoughts about what our next fantasy soccer league should be and as a result we decided to put Fantasy Serie A of Italy up for playing. The question certainly is, why Italy? Why Fantasy Serie A? We could also probably put up another top european league like France Ligue 1. But above all we are thinking about our customers